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Discover Ben Franklin's Secrets to Health, Wealth and Wisdom

You start out as a modest Tradesman, eager for success. From Sunrise to Sunset, you strive to make headway in your apprenticeship----a bright future begins to take shape.

Your steady progress in Education and Experience expand your horizons and fuel innovation. Your dynamic Energy helps you take Action when needed, and Obstacles are no match for your Persistence. You rise to become an Investor----turning Idleness into reliable dividends.

Strengths and Virtues mark your humble fortune of wisdom. Achieve Franklinian honors today and start real-life prosperity tomorrow!  

Model your play strategy into real-life prosperity.

How to Play Franklin's Fortune

Franklin’s Fortune is a deck-building game played on a table top. Your goal is to accumulate cards and Sterling----as much of Franklin’s Fortune as you can.

You start with a small deck of cards and each turn is an opportunity to acquire more cards and to earn Sterling. Acquire cards from the Common using Energy and Persistence----your renewable resources, and Sterling----the monetary resource. Earn Sterling by working your Occupations, and increase your earnings with Education and Experience.

The game ends when all the cards are taken from the Common. Each card is worth one point and each 10 Sterling is worth one point. The player with the highest score wins.  

Our Guarantee From Our Family to Yours

As his children became young adults and they began to play more complex board games, the creator of Franklin’s Fortune wished there was a personal finance game that was fun to play, while still offering applicable life principles and financial models for real-life success - thus Franklin’s Fortune was born.

We’re a small U.S. family company who exists to only offer the highest quality family board game experiences, so if for any reason you’re unhappy with Franklin’s Fortune, please reach out to us and we’ll make it right for you.