An Exciting New Deck Building Game - Perfect for Family Game Night!

Learn Benjamin Franklin's Secrets to Health, Wealth & Wisdom...

Just released! A fun new deck building game for the whole family! 

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Franklin's Fortune Deck Building Game

Family Fun Filled with Valuable Life Lessons!

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Families are loving franklin's fortune...

I played this game with my family and we had a great game night. We had three generations play this game and everyone found it engaging, thoughtful and enjoyable. I highly recommend this!


My group played through the game twice yesterday. They really liked it, and they are a fickle bunch with experience in deck-building games. We were able to grasp the rules in about 20 minutes … They appreciated the fast-paced nature of the game, and the structure afforded close competitive play to the end (in both games only a few points separated winners from all the other players). All of them repeatedly remarked that it was “a good, fun, quick little game “  that should definitely be included in our gaming group repertoire. And they enjoyed the interweaving of Franklin’s thoughts with the game structure. It should be emphasized that these guys are major board game geeks who pride themselves on having sophisticated and discriminating taste in game quality. Even mild praise from them does not come readily, and they really liked the game. That’s saying something!

Gary A. Mullen, Associate Professor, Philosophy, Gettysburg College

This will become a true classic board game!!


My family absolutely loved it!

Terri C Benson, Headmaster, Academy for Science and Health Professions

This is a great game for the family. It gets kids and adults thinking. Have Fun!


Franklin's Fortune is an intelligent game.


"Energy and persistence conquer all things." ~Benjamin Franklin